Saturday, October 20, 2012

Endless Numbered Days

45 minutes spent online today looking up potential Christmas presents because I realized today that my sisters and I will be pulling Secret Santa names next weekend.

23 days until I take the actuarial exam.  Someone kill me for deciding to take it in November and not January.

20 points that Tech won by this afternoon against Boston College.

11 times listening to this song today.  Can anyone say metaphor for my life?

6 times that I snoozed my alarm this morning before I just outright turned it off and proceeded to roll over and fall back asleep.

5 days until David will be back in Atlanta. Who's excited?

4 cups of tea brewed today.

3 classes that I did work in today.  Yay for feeling mildly productive!

0 trips taken to Walmart after realizing that Kelsi's car battery is dead.

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