Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Tea

It is my personal belief that hot tea is the most under-rated drink. When my sister and I were younger, we used to hold regular tea parties (using water for tea and Cheerios to represent our biscuits and crumpets) out of our plastic tea set that we had inherited from our older sisters who had hence outgrown it. We would sit at the kitchen table with our pinkies outstretched from the cup and pretend that we were legitimate English ladies (usually while we discussed who would get to use which paper doll after the "tea" was finished).

Needless to say, tea has never really left my life. I first started drinking it (legitimately) in an effort to extend my memories of those tea parties with my sister and to actually know the taste of tea to see if it was indeed all it was chalked up to be. Let's just say that it was.

Fast forward many, many years to today, and I'm still drinking tea a least once a day.  I love the idea of having afternoon tea everyday, but this isn't necessarily cohesive with my schedule, so I want to devote at least one day a week to making afternoon tea a ritual.

And so, Tuesday Tea is born.

But because I'm a big dork, and nobody wants to enjoy afternoon tea by themselves, I'll just pretend that you are here with me.

Things I would talk about while enjoying our tea:
  -  I updated my resumé recently (which desperately needed it).
  -  I've started making efforts to step outside my comfort zone.
  -  I'm about halfway through knitting my gameday scarf!
  -  David arrives in Atlanta in 13,365 minutes.  But who's counting? :)

I hope you can join me next week for Tuesday tea!


  1. Can we have Friday afternoon tea when I'm there? And I'm a minute closer now :-)

  2. Also a roaring round of applause for stepping out of your comfort zone :-)