Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Tea: Ask Me Why I'm Mad

I am currently sitting down with a delicious cup of earl grey tea, and although I was particularly looking forward to writing this blog post because it meant I would finally be done with my abstract vector spaces test, it turns out that that's not really the case.

So if you were here having Tuesday Tea with me, I would talk about the following things:

- The proctor for my math test showed up half an hour late.  The end result, the test is now moved to Thursday, so I have another two days to sit on it.  The really bad part is that I put off all my other work in order to study for this test, so now, on top of still having to do all of that work before Thursday, I also have to study for the test again.
- But on a happier note, once I manage to survive the next two days, David will be here!  In case you're wondering, only 3,285 minutes to go :)
- I've recently become obsessed with a fairly new interview-based show called The Conversation.  And it's ahhh-mazing.
- I signed up to take the actuarial exam this November.  *Gulp!*
- Mumford & Sons came out with a new album today, so please excuse me while I go drown my math sorrows in some English folk rock.

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