Friday, September 28, 2012

The Very Best Thursday of My Life

A lot of things happened yesterday. Some were epic, some involved very hard midterms, yet it was one for the books.

The main reason: David came back into Atlanta for the first time since he moved to Chicago.

*Insert one very happy Kerry here.*

So the day started pretty typically. I woke up, hit the snooze button a lot, and finally resigned myself to get up and do some last minute studying for my abstract vector spaces test. And it was as scary as it sounds. But when it was finally done and I had commiserated with a few of my fellow classmates, I went down to Skiles Walkway and browsed Tech's weekly farmer's market. Of course, I wanted to buy everything because it all looked so good, but I settled on buying David a watermelon orange King of Pops popsicle to eat after his plane got in. After that, I rushed back to my apartment to put the popsicle in the freezer and forced myself to sit down and do some work. I was practically exploding in anticipation, but I knew I needed to get the rest of my work done in order to validate taking the weekend off from studying while David is here.

Fast forward a few hours, and after some transportation issues, David was finally on campus. He texted me to come down and let him into the building, and walking around the corner after I got off the elevator and seeing him for the first time in a month was the greatest feeling. You guys, I literally cried. I was seriously the happiest girl in the world in the moment.

Icing on the cake: David told me a couple days ago that he had boughten me something. I honestly thought it was going to be something small (yet something I would love anyways), but it was something I was not even expecting despite the fact that he had given me several hints. Long story short, he bought me an E-Reader. Knowing my love of books and knowing that I really enjoyed borrowing his Kindle, he got me one of my very own. Just out of the blue. For no apparent reason.

Please excuse me while I go add this to the list of reasons why I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.


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