Saturday, September 22, 2012

Procrastination at Its Finest

Today, I did the following things, respectively:

- Woke up at 7:30 at my sister Erin's house because I babysat my nieces and nephew last night.
- Witnessed a 7 year old's tantrum because she "literally had nothing to wear."
- Went back to school to study.
- Proceeded to not study.
- Made oatmeal and tea to fuel my belly.
- Watched Man vs. Food, and now I really want to go to Chicago to have deep-dish pizza.
- Learned that the proper way to make deep-dish pizza is to make it backwards: cheese on the bottom, sauce on the top.
- Found out that I can have a crib sheet in my test on Tuesday which only made me procrastinate more.
- Made another cup of tea.
- Finally opened my math book.
- Did not go to the GT vs. Miami game because I told myself I had to study.
- Snuck down to the vending machine in my pajamas because this girl needed chocolate.
- Received football updates periodically throughout the end of the game from David.
- Went highlighter happy in my math book.
- Made oatmeal again, this time for dinner, because I haven't gone to the store in two weeks.
- Journaled.
- Cried over my math book. No shame.
- Had a very unsuccessful attempt at video chatting with David. Stupid laptop.

The End.  Very literally, everything I did today.

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  1. Im an adult and I sometimes cry bc I have nothing to wear ;-)