Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Five: Five Nicknames That I Have/Have Had/Wanted Desperately

Five Nicknames That I Have/Have Had/Wanted Desperately.

1) Boo-Boo's:  I'm not really sure how this one came about, but it was what I was dubbed early on by my parents.  Every once in a while, I'll still sign a letter or card this way just to make them remember those early childhood days of mine.

2) Ker-Bear: This is generally my nickname of choice.  I was called this sporadically throughout my life, but it really picked up in college.  It's funny how a new set of friends can adapt a new nickname for you.  This was especially the name of choice right about the time I started calling Molly "Mollz-Ballz."

3) _______'s Little Sister:  Having five older sisters, I got this one a lot, especially during my high school years.  Having a dad who also worked at my high school, I got "Mr. Cogan's daughter" a lot too.

4) Ms. Giraffe:  This is quite recent and destined to be one of my all time favorites.

5) Grandma:  For some reason, this one started my senior year of high school by one of my friends.  The funny part was that it again got picked up by someone completely unrelated my sophomore year of college.  The latter time was more explainable though since that was about the time I picked up knitting.  According to this person, I'm working on my future grandma skills.

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  1. You've had a handful of nicknames, haven't you! I had to laugh at the SO and So's sister...I also have five sisters, all younger. One of them has always been a social butterfly, ever since she was a toddler, and to this day, there's people we meet who are like, "Oh, you're Rebekah's sister!" :P