Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Five: Five Reasons Why _________ is One Of My Very Favorite TV Shows

This week's Friday Five:  Five Reasons Why _________ is One Of My Very Favorite TV Shows.

I have chosen How I Met Your Mother to fill in this blank.

1) It never fails to make me laugh.  Seriously, nearly every single episode (save those that focus more on tear-jerking, touching subjects) have me doubled over with laughter.  There is not one cast member that fails to deliver their lines perfectly, and I really think more credit needs to be given to the writers of the show for their comic genius.

2) Neil Patrick Harris.  *See comment above about cast members delivering lines perfectly.

3) It feels real.  While I feel like all sitcoms try to go for a level of reality, I think How I Met Your Mother gets highest marks.  It brings real situations to the forefront as they talk about everything from marriage to failed love to surviving the real world.

4) Ted and Marshall made a pact to watch the Star Wars trilogy every three years.

5) It already has seven seasons and doesn't appear to be stopping anytime soon.  By this point, most TV shows feel like overkill, but this one gets more engrossing with every episode.

Don't forget to check out Molly's blog, the originator of the Friday Five.  She was awesome enough to give me a shout-out :)

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  1. Kerry Cogan, I do herby promise from this day forth, until the end of time, to watch the (original) star wars trilogy with you, without fail, every 3 years.