Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day

My two weeks of summer are over, and now Fall Semester 2012 is already here.  The buzz around campus is unusually tangible, and while I certainly remember those days of excitement over a new school year, it's hard for me to get into the same euphoric state.  I am really grateful to see all my friends again, and it's wonderful to be able to spend a good bit of time with David before he leaves for Chicago, but I feel burned out on school.  In my crazy rush to graduate in four years, I'm consequently coming up on my seventh straight semester of studying without having breaks, and I'm discovering that doing so really takes its toll.

So far, my classes don't seem too horrendous though.  I had my first class this morning at ten.  It was my Intro to Cognitive Psychology class, and I like my professor so far.  He's young, he just received his PhD, and he seems pretty cool.  The class is in a fairly large lecture hall although there's only about forty students in the class, and I like that it's a smaller class size.  Never in my high school life did I think forty students was a small class, haha.  Oh, how times change.

After psych, I headed straight to my computer science.  I can tell already that this is probably going to be my least favorite class.  First of all, it's located in Howey, possibly my least favorite building on campus (and that's saying something), and on top of that, nearly every seat was filled to capacity, forcing me to take a seat in the back where I could neither hear the professor nor read his handwritten notes.  Who does handwritten notes in a computer science class anyways?  Needless to say, despite my need to now find a seat near the front of the class, learning Java is not going to be fun.  I already feel way in over my head.

After a lunch respite, I had my probability and statistics class that afternoon.  I like the looks of this class so far.  Despite the lack of AC, I really enjoyed myself.  My professor also seemed to have a definite, well-defined sense of humor.  I think we'll get along just fine.  My favorite part: his socks that had the word "Sunday" written all over them.  I wonder what happened to Monday's socks...

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