Sunday, August 19, 2012

Blogs Worth Reading

If you're like me, then you're always looking for good blogs to read. I read blogs about everything from everyday life to DIY ideas to being a woman in the field of mathematics--all of them embody my interests and represent my personality as who I am as well as who I want to be.

I started sporadically blogging about two years ago, and I had only just been starting to read other people's blogs shortly before that. Ironically, I started with a French photographer's blog that I probably only understood half of at the time. Overtime, my blogging interests developed, and I was checking Google Reader (an awesome Google feature that keeps all your blogs updated in one spot) more than once a day in anticipation of someone having written something new.

Of course, as I feel like happens with most bloggers at some point, I had about a year of a blogging hiatus. But being inspired by the amazing blogs that I read, I've been blogging a lot more regularly recently. I don't think I could exactly label what my blog is about, a look inside the life of Kerry Cogan with a dash of witticism, poignancy, and craftiness? I don't know; you tell me. But I definitely do draw a lot of inspiration from what I read, whether that be books or blogs.

And so, without further ado, I present the blogs that I think you should also go check out because, well, I understand the importance of having the back of your fellow blogger.

1) Clairely Molly: Written by none other than my good friend, Molly, this is probably the blog that I get the most excited about whenever there's a new post that I haven't read.  This is also the only blog that I read where I know the blogger personally.  But that's not the reason why Clairely Molly made this list.  It made the list because it's real.  The perfect combination of clever and whimsical, without being facetious, Molly's blog is my escape.  I love to live vicariously through her grand adventures.

2) Garance DorĂ©: This is the aforementioned French blog that I originally started reading back in high school.  Luckily for all of us non-French speakers, she has it translated into English as well, and the translation is really good at preserving her humor and idiomatic expressions.  I'm not usually the kind of person that goes for fashion blogs, but her writing and her prints are sublime.

3) Tanya Khovanova's Math Blog: This blog feels like a guilty pleasure sometimes.  I'm a huge dork, I know.  But everything she writes about feels so easy to relate to.  Sometimes she talks about her education, sometimes her work and her family life.  But whatever she talks about, she always ties it into mathematics.  I think that's one of the awesome things about math--you can relate it to almost anything.  On top of that, this woman is a beast.  But other than her being wickedly smart, her blog makes me dream about one day being a mathematics woman too.

4) Good Women ProjectI really like this blog because it's religious and spiritual without making me feel bad about myself. Maybe that sounds weird, but the vibe I get from this blog is informative without being condescending. It's about real women actively working to make their lives better. Often the posts are about sex, love, or relationships, and I absorb every word. I, by no means, live a perfect life, but this blog helps me to take my imperfections, realize that all women have the same problems, and helps me to live my life in a better, more healthful way.

There's probably at least five other blogs that I could mention, but I tried to restrict myself somewhat. There's a handful of DIY blogs that I also read, and I love those to get crafty ideas for homemade things to make! Check out Sweet Verbena. Her blog is just one of many that I read.

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  1. Ker Bear! Thank you for the sweet words. I feel the same way when Google Reader has Kerry My Heart boldfaced :)