Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Couch to 5K: Week Two

Day One:

Pre-run thoughts: My weeks are all out of wack because ironically, I am starting week two on a Friday. But hey, at least I'm actually running three times a week. That's a lot more than I could probably ever say before.

Post-run thoughts: Oof, today was pretty hard. It didn't help that it was really muggy and started to sprinkle a little bit, but it felt like the running was never ending. Shower, here I come.

Day Two:

Pre-run thoughts: I'm really hungry. Starting to worry that this might affect my run.

Post-run thoughts: Today's run was actually really good. A big improvement over how I felt during the last run. The program is always saying that a big breakthrough always follows a period of struggle, so I like to think that my big breakthrough is coming soon, haha :)

Day Three:

Pre-run thoughts: I haven't run in so long.  I'm nervous that this is going to be a horrible run.  I think I'm really only doing this because I'm currently without AC.  If I'd rather be outside sweating in the middle of summer, then I think that's a testament to how hot it is inside right now.

Post-run thoughts: This run was a really long time coming.  It started out with just missing a couple days of runs, and then my ankle hurting for about a week and a half, and then pure laziness became the reason why I hadn't run in about three weeks.  But in an effort to escape the muggy room (and as an excuse to not be studying for finals), I decided to go running.  And my body was definitely protesting.  This was definitely one of those instances of mind over matter as I forced myself to keep going even though I could scarcely breathe at some points and despite the stitch in my side and the cramps in my legs.  I will say that the last ten minutes of the run were the best though.  This could probably be equated to the fact that it was slightly downhill, but it felt like I was finishing strong.  I even got some hello's from some guys who looked like they run all day, every day, so I like to think that I look like a legit runner too.  But maybe not ;)  Here's to hoping I can get back into a regular running schedule!


  1. I never get any hellos from the shirtless guys running around campus! Not fair!

    But your doing a good job! Now just remotivate me to run!