Friday, July 27, 2012

5 Words/Phrases that are Probably Overused in my Vocabulary

While most people, including myself (don't get me wrong), love Fridays, this particular one I'm just not looking forward to. A sacrilege, I know, but the realization that Friday came so quickly this week also lends itself to the realization that exams start in three short days.

But there was one thing I was looking forward to this week, and that was another addition to Molly's new Friday Five. Up this week: 5 Words/Phrases that are Probably Overused in my Vocabulary. I'm struggling with this one guys, help me out if you can think of any better ones.

1) Y'all: Like any self-respecting southerner, this contraction is a staple in my everyday jargon (credits to Molly who made me realize I say this a lot too. And the next one...).

2) No Problem: I went through this weird phase where I thought saying "you're welcome" sounded somehow pretentious, almost like I was chalking up my own greatness for doing something nice for someone. The by-product: the habit of saying no problem even though the principal of my high school hated it. Sorry, Fr. Konzen, this one stuck.

3) I-dentical!: Said exactly like this.

4) In typical _______ fashion: Go back and read some of my old posts; this shows up waaaaay more times than it should.

5) Jk: I hate myself for this one. There is nothing worse than speaking text lingo, but no matter how I much I hate it, I can't seem to get rid of it. Lol.

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