Monday, June 18, 2012

"Fate Don't Fail Me Now"

This week marks the halfway point of the summer semester.  Huzzah for being half done, but yikes for it being, well, almost over.  Before I know it, exams will be upon me all over again, and it will be August.  But before I even start thinking about exams, I have to get through my applied combinatorics midterm this week. I really think I could get an A in this class, so I'm working up every motivational device in the book to get me studying.  One such method: lots and lots of music.  Here's one such playlist that's essentially on repeat right now:

Speed The Collapse_______________Metric
Somebody That I Used To Know_____Goyte
Come As You Are________________Nirvana
Quelqu'un M'a Dit________________Carla Bruni
Chicago x 12____________________Rogue Wave
We Are Young__________________Fun.
Video Games___________________Lana Del Rey
Don't Stop (Color On The Walls)____Foster the People
Emmylou______________________First Aid Kit
Howlin' For You________________The Black Keys
Seven Nation Army______________The White Stripes
Youth Without Youth_____________Metric
Heart Shaped Box_______________Nirvana
Bullet With Butterfly Wings________Smashing Pumpkins
Sunday Morning________________Maroon 5
Love Lost_____________________The Temper Trap
Maps________________________Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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