Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend, and I'm going to be traveling to Daufuskie Island with David and his family to spend a few days relaxing in the sun.  I'm quite excited, but I have a hunk of things to do before then:

 - Start math homework
 - Read chapters 26 & 27 in physics book
 - Start working on practice problems in preparation of physics test next week
 - Make packing list for Daufuskie
 - Paint toenails :)
 - Clean room
 - Do laundry
 - Record a new song cover?

Monday, May 21, 2012

At the Auction

This past weekend, I got to do something I've never done before.  I went to Gallery 63.  And if anyone watches the Discovery Channel on a fairly regular basis, then you would know that this massive warehouse-like building is home to the TV show Auction Kings.  After having heard about how fun it is from my parents for months, I decided to go with them to one of their monthly auctions.  We got there around 10 am since the auction starts promptly at 11, and if you don't get there early, you won't get a seat!  Because my parents are seasoned pros, we had reserved some seats on the floor instead of being crammed in the the bleachers with everyone else.  But the place was milling with people!  Every inch of floor space was crammed with people, countless auction items, and more than half a dozen camera men.  It was a little unnerving sitting there waiting for the auction to start with cameras swarming around me, but the thought of potentially making it onto TV had me grinning from ear to ear.  This was my 15 minutes of fame, and I was determined to make the most of it.  And before I knew it, the auction was starting and my eyes were constantly darting between the auctioneer and the bidders.  They were auctioning everything from rugs to rare cars and literally everything in between.  Some of the more obscure items were things like the mounted zebra head and the anti-vampire kit from the 18th century.  Neither were things that I would ever have any interest in buying, but I had to admit that the vampire kit, containing a crucifix, holy water, garlic, stakes, and even silver bullets (for the rogue werewolf that you might encounter), was pretty darn cool albeit a little too scary for me.  I was overwhelmed by how fast-paced everything about the auction was.  Auctioneers really do talk as fast as they do in the movies, and just as soon as one item was brought up, another was right behind it, waiting and ready to be sold.  We had spent four hours there without me even realizing the time, and we didn't even stay for the whole thing.  I'm just excited to see the exciting conclusion on TV.  And to see if I ever make an appearance of course ;)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thoughts on a Week of Summer

Having just one week of summer is never enough.  That being said, I'm back at school for my sixth consecutive semester of class in the hopes of graduating in four years--a commendable feat for Georgia Tech students.  So while it is certainly masochistic of me to be taking more class for the next three months, I do hope that it will all work out in the long run.  Needless to say, the week that I had off was quite nice.

The things I did this past week, in a nutshell:
  - moved into my new apartment on campus
  - bought a teacup :)
  - used up all my yarn for David's scarf
  - started reading A Clash of Kings
  - slept in my own bed for the first time in too long
  - curled up on my parents' bed with the cats
  - went horseback riding in Madison

And then, when the week was all said and done, it was back to class again.  But David surprised me with brunch for surviving our first day of classes on Monday.  Remember the post where I drooled over this deliciousness?  Well, David made it for me.  Yay for culinary-savvy boyfriends who also take the time to read my blog :)

Fried eggs cooked inside bell pepper slices with tea and toast :)

How about this next? *wink, wink* ;)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Done, done, and done

I'm writing this from home which should already tip you off that finals are blessedly over.  After days of practicing CS code, reading endless pages in my psychology book, and shedding too many tears over my differential equations notes, I am finally done and might actually call myself better for it.  Sure, I nearly had a small breakdown over classes that will, in the long run, seem petty, but I learned that my will and perseverence are stronger than I thought.  I also learned that long hugs from my boyfriend and fudgesicles can magically put life into perspective and make everything better.  The power of kisses and sugar therapy can and does work wonders on my psyche.  The real icing on the cake: my grades turned out 100 times better than I was expecting them to which I think will be the real push to motivate me this summer.  Goodness knows I'm dreading my summer classes, but I know it will be a wonderful couple of months--the majority of which I plan to spend basking in the sun :)