Saturday, April 14, 2012

What I'm Up To...

Making : a scarf for David :)
Cooking : nothing at the moment, but this looks delicious

Drinking : earl grey tea from a GT mug

Reading: A Game of Thrones

Wanting: amazing grades on my exams

Looking: for a new knitting project

Playing: a YouTube video

Wasting: time and procrastinating

Stitching: a baby birth announcement

Wishing: for this mug

Enjoying: comfy flannel pj pants

Waiting: for dinner
Liking: the idea of a book club -- I wonder if Tech has one...

Wondering: how it got so late

Loving: the people close to me

Hoping: I get my voice back 100% before my concert next Sunday
Marvelling: at Priscilla Ahn's flawless voice
Needing: to start my CS homework

Smelling: the delicious scent of my tea

Wearing: the aforementioned flannel pants and a moose shirt

Following: some spectacular blogs

Noticing: my stomach rumbling

Knowing: that I really should have gotten more work done today

Thinking: about the future

Listing: some potential songs to cover
Opening: a new song to listen to
Giggling: with a goofy boyfriend
Feeling: lazy

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