Thursday, April 26, 2012


This past Monday commenced the week at Georgia Tech colloquially dubbed "Dead Week" by the students who have to suffer through it.  Proceeded by "Hell Week" and to be soon to be subsequent to a week of dreaded exams, dead week is typically a deceptively laid back week as far as work load is concerned.  Professors aren't necessarily assigning boat loads of work to be turned in, but any free time is generally supposed to be spent studying vigorously for finals instead.  Hence the natural inclination to not do any work since technically it could be put off for indefinite amounts of time.  It is essentially a procrastinator's nightmare.  That procrastinator being me.  Between countless cups of tea and a handy box of Special-K to keep me motivated, I've been spending the majority of my nights up to my elbows in Wronskian determinants, Laplace transforms, and the runge-kutta method of solving differential equations.  Sound intimidating?  Don't worry, I agree.

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