Thursday, February 16, 2012

Long Time.

So let's just say that I'm bad about remembering to actually write on this thing.  Maybe it's that I love the idea of a blog, but somehow I always forget to post anything to it whether it's because I have too much to do or out of sheer laziness.  As much as I love to read blogs, one would think that I would be better about posting to my own.  So,  in honor of Valentine's Day (or the day after...), I figured I would post a simple list of the things that I love the most.  Some are silly, some are bizarre, but some just flat out have my heart.

- my teapot
- my family and friends
- snail mail
- hot chocolate while studying
- crafty blogs
- my crosstitch supplies
- cardigans
- getting good grades
- my boyfriend
- my body
- smiling

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