Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So it's been a while.  It's not even that I didn't want to write.  It was probably just a huge combination of lack of time, laziness, and just pure forgetfulness that there is in fact maybe someone that cares to read what I write.  No?  Oh well.  Maybe one day...

But what better time to start writing again than a new year.  2012 sounds a little daunting.  There's already some things that will be happening this year that I'm already dreading, but I strive to take them all in stride.  To help prepare for a busy year and to kick this re-introduction to my blog off again, I've compiled a list of goals/resolutions.

12 Goals for 2012:
1.       Find something positive in every situation.
2.       Pray a novena.
3.       Learn to knit or crochet.
4.       Write a song.
5.       Learn to be a better girlfriend/daughter/sister/friend.
6.       Get better grades.
7.       Halt my pack-rat tendencies—I don’t need all that useless clutter!
8.       Either take summer classes or get a job.
9.       Start going to the gym/start doing yoga again.
10.   Eat breakfast.
11.   Make a crosstich.
12. Be more spontaneous!

And just think, I've already put #1 to use AND I started my novena.  Bam.  Progress already, and it's only the 3rd.

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