Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things That College Has Taught Me.

1. I have a hard time deciphering the fine line between hunger and boredom.
2. It is never too late to eat leftovers.
3. Never underestimate 3 AM dance parties in your best friends' rooms.
4. Write letters by hand.
5. Apologize to my parents for all the times I refused to take a nap when I was little.
6. Don't let cloudy days decide your mood.
7. StumbleUpon is the most addicting site.  Never, ever stumble when you have any amount of homework.
8. It is a small day of joyousness when maintenance finally turns the AC back on.
9. "Free" is the magic word.
10. Debit cards are too tempting.
11. Unlimited texting plans are good ideas.
12. Drinking soda is not an appropriate solution to try to stay up late.
13. The Freshman 15 is not a myth.
14. Find that one best friend that you can tell everything to, without fear of judgement.
15. Go to mass on a regular basis.  Even when you feel like everything in your life is going great, there will come a point when you will need saving.
16. Make friends with the maintenance staff.
17. Be giddy.
18. Laugh.
19. Love.
20. Live.