Monday, January 10, 2011

Back to the Grind...Almost.

I arrived back at school after a lovely Christmas break on Saturday, and it was a happy day.  I hadn't realized just how much I had missed just sitting around and talking with my friends until we were all reunited again in Brown.  The next day, yesterday, really took the cake though.  What a joyous day it was!  The day was spent getting ready for second semester classes and buying books, but the evening was when the real fun began--at about six o'clock, students received the notification that classes would be cancelled the following day due to the weather forecast.  Then about two hours later, the snow started falling.  It fell in huge flakes that quickly covered the ground and that clung to every bit of me: it wasn't long before my black scarf and coat were covered by the powder, and as more snow landed on my head, my hair froze in damp tendrils around my face.  Snowball fights, failed attempts at sledding, and pure joy ensued for the next two hours before we all piled back into the dorm and defrosted while we watched one of my favorite movies, Notting Hill.  I love my friends and could not have asked for a more magical day.

Now today was more slow paced, but it was still nice to have the day off when we usually would have been starting our classes.  Even better: the icy roads have allowed us to have tomorrow off too :)

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