Thursday, December 23, 2010

Home is...

Like every other college student home for the holidays, I can’t ignore the mandatory blog post about everything I’ve missed about home.  They’re all relatively small things, but it is honestly the small things in life that I love the most because they often go unnoticed under normal circumstances.

Home is...
-          holding my mom’s hand while doing last minute Christmas shopping.
-          putting on slippers before going downstairs in the morning because the kitchen tile is so cold.
-          inside jokes and euphemisms (usually at the dinner table).
-          my mom knocking on the bathroom door because I’m taking too long in the shower again.
-          staying up late for absolutely no reason, just because I can.
-          food that is so high above the quality of the dining hall food at school that my palate thinks it’s getting spoiled.
-          trying to figure out Christmas music on guitar before Christmas Eve.
-          sisters walking randomly into the house because they all still live so close.
-          my mom chasing me around the house with a spider she’s caught in her hand.
-          actually reading a book for pleasure because I finally have the time.
-          trying to not take anything for granted because I know I’m going to miss this when second semester starts up in January.

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