Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Activities.

Life is what I make it, so here are some of the weekend’s more spectacular moments.  And yes, I consider Friday to be the weekend too :)

Drinking hot tea on the way to 8 AM calculus.
Laughing my head off in said calculus class because Dr. Trotter is the funniest professor I have ever had.
Being done with classes by 10.
Taking a three hour nap.
Making sausage, egg, cheese, and potato burritos for dinner with my sister.
Going to the basketball game with a bunch of girls on my hall.
Watching A Very Potter Musical.
Making it to the end of the week :)

Sleeping in.
Walking to Atlantic Station with friends.
Celebrating my birthday in November, three months after the fact.
Eating a delicious dinner, followed by a delicious trip to the candy shop.

Waking up early to go to mass.
Eating breakfast with two awesome girls on my hall.
Finding time to read some Jack Kerouac.

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