Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tallying Up

Making: a work schedule for the week.
Drinking: Original Sin Hard Cider.
Waiting: for my leftovers to heat up.
Watching: lots of Riot Fest bands!
Reading: The Lovely Bones.
Hearing: last night's Metric performance in my head over and over again.
Understanding: that hard work and a smile will get you through a lot of things.
Knitting: a new project.
Wishing: this weekend didn't have to end.
Enjoying: all the bands I've been introduced to this weekend.
Liking: Red Bull, which is something I never thought I'd say.
Disliking: getting out of bed in the morning.
Loving: my spurts of time with David :)
Hoping: this week of firsts goes well!
Planning: out my very long day tomorrow.
Wondering: where summer went. 
Needing: to re-stock my refrigerator with some basics.
Wearing: LOTS of layers because it decided to get cold in Chicago. It was 45 degrees on Friday.
Listening: to the shower run.
Eating: pizza from Bricks.
Thinking: long and hard about the future.
Writing: down blog post ideas!
Feeling: ecstatic about some news I received! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday and Happy Yarn Along Day! Linking up with Ginny from Small Things :)

Every once in a while, I love having a pattern that is so mindless that I don't even have to think about it while knitting.  This honey cowl is the perfect pattern for knitting while watching TV or a movie at the end of a long day where you just want to relax on the couch and not worry about anything. There's no fear of dropped stitches or too many yarn overs, so this pattern is really great for a stress-free knitting session.  I can pretty much guarantee that I will be using this pattern many more times to come.

My Ravelry notes can be found here.

Tuesday Tea: The Framed Finished Product

Several weeks ago, I mentioned how I had finally finished a massive baby birth announcement to give to my sister following the birth of my sweet nephew. I showed a few pictures of the cross-stitch in its unframed, slightly wrinkled form, but now it has been matted and framed, and I think the finished display showcases the work much better!

I still have yet to start a new cross-stitch project after having finally finished this behemoth because I find it easy to get burned out on big craft projects, but I've been looking around online at potential future projects, and it's getting me excited to start something new again.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tallying Up

Making: plans to bake some cobbler.
Drinking: ALL THE TEA!
Waiting: for Wednesday! I'm flying to Chicago to see David and to attend Riot Fest!
Watching: season 5 of Parenthood on Netflix.
Reading: The Elements of Real Analysis. *Yawn*
Hearing: my niece and nephew splashing at the pool.
Understanding: that sometimes school has to come first.
Knitting: the Honey Cowl
Wishing: for my computer to start being functional.
Enjoying: gluten free cereal way more than I thought I would.
Liking: that I've settled into a weekday routine.
Disliking: that the short holiday week is over.
Loving: my family :)
Hoping: that my nephew, Luke, cooperates more next time I babysit him.  He's way too cute though, even when he's fussy :)
Planning: on getting my ears pierced.  I know, I'm probably the only 23 year old alive that does not have pierced ears.
Wondering: what e-books I'm going to check out from the Georgia Tech library.  I just found out that this is a thing, and I'm excited to read some books on my Kindle without having to pay for them!
Needing: to buy work appropriate pants.
Wearing: a swim suit. This is probably my last chance to wear a suit this summer.
Listening: to lots of Metric in preparation for Riot Fest.
Eating: a Gala apple.
Thinking: about money-saving techniques.
Writing: blog posts.
Feeling: contented.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Yarn Along

Happy Wednesday and Happy Yarn Along Day! Linking up with Ginny from Small Things :)

This Lotus hat took no time at all, and for the amount of effort that went into it, the results were ten times better. Hats don't generally take too long to knit as it is, but this pattern produced a hat that looks way more complicated than it actually was.

I was going through my yarn stash recently, and even though I haven't purchased yarn in months, the amount of yarn that I have is nonetheless out of control. So now I'm pretty much just sifting through my available yarn and trying to tag future projects onto it. So this hat was conceived out of the need to start using up some yarn. I don't usually pick such bright colors for items I'm going to keep for myself, but I figured I would switch things up a bit :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday Tea: Birthday Loot

Besides a couple articles of clothing, most of the things I received from family and from David for my birthday were kitchen items which were much needed.

I received:
 - a beautiful Le Creuset pie dish (in Marseille blue which is the color of my tea kettle)
 - 4 ramekins
 - a cooking torch (bring on the creme brûlée!)
 - silicone tongs
 - a silicone whisk
 - a microplane zester
 - a meat thermometer

Some of these items are obviously very basic (but I still didn't have them in my kitchen!), and some of them were awesome luxury kitchen items that I can't wait to use! Who doesn't love an excuse to make pie and other desserts?

Monday, September 1, 2014

On My Bookshelf: September

Life has certainly picked up this month with just general busyness, so I'm not going to be too ambitious in the number of books I'm reading this month. I only plan on two, but if it works out that I have time to read more, then I will welcome it gladly.

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
I remember when this book first came out quite a few years ago, and I remember my mom reading it and really loving it, so I'm excited to read this book. Plus, I love books written from unexpected POVs.

Love & Math: The Heart of Hidden Reality by Edward Frenkel
I discovered this book a few months ago, and it has been sitting in my Amazon wish list since then. Purusing my wish list, David purchased this book for me for  my birthday, and I have so far read the first chapter and like it already. The author really has a way of looking at mathematical concepts and explaining them in a non-confounding way, and I also loved the introduction to the book because it discusses how math really manifests itself in everything--not a single thing on this earth works or was made without the use of math.